The APM and Business

Joan owns a small business in San Fran.  She has been successful by selling a mixture of herbs that she blends in her store. She has many happy customers who live in her neighborhood.  Because of a lack of efficient transportation, she had trouble expanding her market beyond her clients that are within walking distance.  Since the APM went operational, she can now grow her business from new clients who can now easily get to her store that is located only two block from the green hub.  

William owns a small company in San Fran.  His company assembles small specialty valves assemblies that are installed on refrigerators. To keep his business running, he has to have parts delivered daily for his worker to assemble.  Once assembled, he must package and ship them to the manufacturer.  

Before the APM was built, he almost went bankrupt because he could not find a shipper that he could depended upon because of the traffic congestion. Once the APM was running, he began to use the freight carriers to move his product.  Every morning a container is delivered at 5 AM that contains the parts that are to be assembled.  Once he has completed his work, he places the finish product back into the same container he got in the morning.  Around 11 PM a small truck will pick up the container and move it to the Green hub where it will be moved to the freight terminal for trucking to the refrigerator factory.