This site was written and developed by Chuck Peterson.  He is a professional engineer who lives in western Colorado. For the past 25 years he has been the primary ropeway consulting engineer for the ski resorts in Colorado. In this role, he has completed hundreds of ropeway projects for ski resorts.  He works closely with the ropeway manufacturers, ski resorts and governmental officials. Chuck is a well-respected member of the very small esoteric field of ropeway engineering.   

The design concepts presented in this website have been well researched.  The technical aspects of using LSM to control carrier movement has been reviewed by MagneMotion. The company is the innovative leader in the use of LSM technology for a variety of industrial applications.  Assuming a reasonable carrier weight, their engineers concur that current LSM technology would decelerate and accelerate carriers to rope speed at about the same rate as the current tire driven systems. Create-a-Soft, the developer of Simcad was of great assistance in researching the use of simulation software. Their programmers confirmed that an APM network could be easily modeled under a variety of operating conditions.   

The application of LSM technology in ropeway terminal design has been well researched.  The results were published in Ski Area Management, the industry’s leading trade magazine.


The APM concept was presented as a technical paper at the OITAF-NACA Eleventh Symposium in Silverton, Colorado (2013). OIFAF is an international organization of ropeway professional comprised of engineers, manufacturers and ropeway authorities.  Both of the major international manufacturers (Doppelmayr and Leitner-Poma) were well represented. The paper was very well received by fellow ropeway engineers and ropeway manufacturers.  There was agreement that the design and construction of the APM carrier, 3S ropeway and hub terminal is standard construction using current technology ands construction techniques.

Life in SanFran is not a fantasy. As a society, we have finally collected the necessary technologies to create the urban transportation network dream system. The challenges for rapid development is not technical, but is social, political and inertia.  The APM can change the world for the better.  It is up to You to become a leader in promoting the APM concept and spread the word.  Enjoy.  

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